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NRG // First Robotics Competition
Second Story Interactive
Atlanta 2017

The annual FIRST Robotics Conference is where kids from around the country come to compete. They work tirelessly preparing for the competition, deisgning, building and programming these robots to be able to have full control over their movements. We decided to create a new experience one that would take the stress and pressure off these little geniuses to get them to think artistically vs programmatically. Wattbots is a set of art bots programmed to draw and paint. Each wattbot was designed to draw different patterns based on its personality. The controls were adjusted to mimic the draw style, creating a new surprise with each bot.

The kids picked up quickly how the different personalities were programmed and were able to work together to coordinate the patterns! The works of art were then recorded, timelapsed, and printed so participants could share and showoff their creations to their friends and fellow teammates. 

Wattbott Station Concept

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