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Budapest, Hungary

Design Team: Ivan Bernal, Andrew Cheu, Amanda Sjternstrom, Adrian Cortez, Yun Zhang
Animation: Andrew Cheu
New National Gallery & Ludwig Museum Competition

Summer 2015

The best way for architecture to be is to never be complete. The role of an art Museum is not just to be a museum, is to be a beacon of culture and society, their achievements their aspirations. It represents a city, a country a history and a future.

This Proposal for The New National Gallery & Ludwig Museum – Museum of Contemporary Art has the aspiration to be a permanent seismographer of society and its culture and as such architecture can be updated revisited modified. Permanence tells us less about architecture and more about societies that think they are permanent when they are not.

But really even then, and this should limit to some extent what we mean with our proposal here; we find it limiting and rigid when we are presented with a complete piece, building or city. So we would take an incomplete project approach, this project need to be complete by the city of Budapest and its
habitants, the people, the city, the urban tissue.

Part of the transformation of incompleteness, it has to do with certain permanent state of discomfort with the idea that things are ever complete, are ever satisfactory, that is the way that art operates. Now, and this has more to do with the distribution of architecture than its construction, but the other point that the project should make; is the notion and possibility of "the Image" of a module or repetition as a vehicle for the production of architecture is perhaps really more important. Images are only partial and brief. You cannot get the full extent of somebody’s life thorough an album of images and the same is true for images of space that is or space that might be. But you can keep track of time.

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