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Georgia Power

Georgia Resource Center // Immersion Room // Data Wall
Second Story Interactive
Atlanta 2017

Team: Stephanie Gill, Andrew Cheu, Kathryn Beane, Matt Lewis, Sydney Blout, Casey Mann

Awards: DIGI Award 2019:  Best Digital Signage Application: Corporate

The Immerson Room at Georgia Power was a great opportunity for a full spatial transformation. The project was part of a large reimagination of the offices of the Georgia Resource Center where the team works towards providing businesses all across the globe with rich data showing off Georgia’s success stories of being a thriving economic region.

Georgia Power’s Community and Economic Development Group sells the state of Georgia to businesses around the globe. Since decision-making in economic development is based largely on data, communications in this industry tend to target only the intellect. At the new Georgia Experience Center, we helped our clients engage visitors’ emotions as well.

The Immersion Room makes economic opportunity palpable, as business leaders are invited to explore all that Georgia has to offer them. The choreographed interplay of custom lighting, spatial sound, and dynamic content creates an atmosphere of intrigue and adventure—effectively flipping the paradigm from presentation to participation.

In the lobby, a Data Visualization Wall beckons visitors to enter and piques their curiosity, signaling passage into a space unlike any other. Dubbed the “Barometer of Boom,” this installation turns statistics into stories by using visual metaphors to compare Georgia’s employment growth, technology jobs, and GDP against the national average.

Making use of physical space as a storytelling medium, both installations creatively deploy technology to facilitate human conversation and connection.

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