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Spring 2014

In Collaboration with: William Virgil, Alex Petrakos

Twinning in this project attempts to move beyond the notion of two bodies linked through formal or geometric qualities. The camera is introduced as a second subject who produces its own behaviors based off of the movement and animation of the geometric form. Reactionary contractions of the formal geometry from rigging are represented through dynamic speeds of the camera.

The idea of a totalistic camera and motion path is removed as the embedded behavior of the form can only exist through the lens of this specific viewer. Inverse kinematics proposed new methods of formal mutation to emerge at the start. By introducing a robotic element into the complexity of digital design, the formal effects are able to be examined in time, challenging the notion of static design. Retaining the behaviors originally injected into the creation of the form, we pursued new constraints of robotic movements as a way to generate and curate new behaviors.

The robotic arm designed in class allows for singular rotation, which is very susceptible to a linear reading. However, through hacking of the robot and attaching wires whose behaviors were dependent yet foreign to the rotation of the robot arm, different levels of contractions were produced.

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