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In Memory of Concordia

Spring 2015
In Collaboration with Amanda Stjernstrom
Concordia Lighthouse Competition

Set on the very edge of the coast line of Isola del Giglio, NightLight brings itself forward as a lighthouse relying on contemporary mechanisms and iconic features to portray a modern day lighthouse. Through wrapping mesh over curved glass individual light sources are used to create reflections that shift the focus from a singular light within a traditional lighthouse building to the NightLight embodying the light -the feature so strongly tied to the typology of lighthouses.

NightLight uses opacities and layers to differentiate an outer partition from the inner that is the lighthouse watcher's quarter. Although all glass, the treatment of materials and placement of light sources determines the border between privacy and public areas seen from the outside as well as from inside the structure.

Tied to the cliffs is a visitors center that ushers people into the NightLight through paths carved in nature. The docking on the cliffs furthermore emphasizes the lighthouse as an icon stretching from land toward water; accessibly anchored to the shoreline while reaching out to ships passing by. The steel cage structure along with the framed panels give the opportunity to free up the facade and have a greater transparency in the out most layer play with a more cohesive interior layering. Traditionally the solid walls of a lighthouse make the lighthouse appear introvert whereas NightLight gives the option to invite and open up its core to the outside.

NightLight recognizes the lighthouse as something occupied and cared for by a certain individual and respects that condition. NightLight also encourages its surroundings to be curious and wish to inquire about the function of a lighthouse: culturally, structurally, and mechanically.

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