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Winter 2013
Ornamental Dimension

3D Coat and Grasshopper Rhino Exercise

This exercise in ornamentation seeks to develop a new language of ornamentation. One not inspired by patterns and figures in the natural world, but one robust in its expression of our modern day objects. The project began with an object hunting exercise where a catalogue of three dimensional objects and two dimensional textures were collected. The second phase involved bringing this catalogue together as pieces were extracted and combined through voxel modeling. The term kit bashing has become a commonplace term for this type of modeling.

Opposed to traditional polygon modeling, treating these objects as surfaces, voxel modeling was used. Voxels serve as three dimensional pixels that allow for many boolean and smoothing operations that surface modeling does not easily allow. This led to an overall smoothing between all of the objects and homogenous figure of emergence. In order to try avoiding a more striated reading, the many objects were left in tact as single pieces, but were wrapped around and bent as they communicated with each other.

The drawings were also another means of blurring the distinction between representation of these objects as ornament. The contoured drawing taking advantage of both tangent and topological information expresses depth based on the articulation of the individual objects, but homogenizes them into an entirely different figure.

Render vs. Drawing

Model Photos, 3d printed

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