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Barcelona, Spain

Principle: Hernan Diaz Alonso
Design Team: Ivan Bernal, Andrew Cheu
Commission: Park Masterplan

The developped proposal to the promenade in Sant Adria de Besos looks to reinterpret the aesthetic qualities of the great crops agriculturales keeping a wild jungle or appearance. Though a bit inconsistent, this proposal aims to find the balance of precise grooming and the unpredictability found in the wild.

Programmatically the proposal introduces a wide variety of established programs: amphitheater, sculpture garden, exercise areas, and pedestrian and bicycle routes. At the same time, the design maintains much of the building with more informal notions that allow their users to develop programs as they see necessary, such as community gardens, Events, markets, etc.

Acting as a continuation to the proposal by pedestrian bridge connections Paseo looks to attract a high variety of demographic to serve as a generator of different activities which may attract entire families and allow the continued use of the promenade creating a destination in Sant Adria.

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